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Ambassador   Extraordinary  and Plenipotentiary   to the FDR of Ethiopia and Permanent   Representative to the African  Union

Career   diplomat   (40 years  in Foreign   Service):

1977:   Joined    Ministry     of  Foreign    Affairs    (MoFA)    of  the   Socialist    Federal
Republic   of Yugoslavia   (SFRy),   Belgrade.

1977-1979:    MoFA,   Attache/Third    Secretary    -  Department   (Dep.)  for  South  and
SE Asia and the Dep. for Neighboring  Countries.

1980-1984:  Embassy   of the  SFRY  in Nicosia  (Cyprus),   Second  Secretary.

1985-1988:   MoFA,   Second   Secretary/First    Secretary/Counselor    -  Office  of thePermanent  Secretary  (Personnel  Dep. -  Economic  and Legal Division)

1989:  MoFA-Counselor,     Head  of  the  Arab/Persian    Gulf  Div.   (Dep.  for  Middle

1990-1993:   Embassy   of the  SFRY  and  Federal   Republic   of Yugoslavia   (FRY)  in
Tehran   (Islamic  Republic   of Iran)  - Counselor/Charge   d'  Affaires   a.i.

1994-1996:   MoFA,  First  Counselor,   Head of Div.   for Sub-Saharan   Countries  (Dep. for Africa and Middle  East).

1996-2000:      MoFA,     Minister      Plenipotentiary,      Head    of    Middle    East    and
Arab/Persian  Gulf  Div. (Dep. for Africa  and Middle  East).

2000   (Oct.-Dec):     Embassy    of  the   FRY   in  Addis   Ababa    (Ethiopia)-Minister
Plenipotentiary/Charge     d'Affaires    a.i.

2001:Embassy  of the  FRY  in Amman   (Jordan)-Minister    Plenipotentiary/Charge d' Affaires  a.i.

2002: MoFA,  Deputy  Director/Acting   Director   -  Dep. for Africa  and Middle  East.

2002 (Nov)-2004   (Sep):  Embassy   of FRY/Serbia    and  Montenegro    to the  Federal
Republic   of Nigeria   (Lagos)  -  Minister   Plenipotentiary/Charge     d'Affaires    a.i.

2004   (Sep)-2009     (Sep):    Ambassador      Extraordinary       and    Plenipotentiary       of Serbia   and  Montenegro    I Republic   of Serbia   to the  Federal   Republic   of Nigeria (Lagos,  Abuja).

• 2005   (May)-2009     (Sep):    Ambassador-Permanent        Representative     of   the Republic  of Serbia to the ECOW AS (Economic  Community  of the West Africa States) HQ in Abuja.

•  2008       (March)-2009          (Sept):        Ambassador          Extraordinary            and Plenipotentiary of the  Republic   of Serbia   to the  Republic    of Ghana   (Non- Residential from  Abuja).                                                            .

2009 (Oct)-2011   (Feb):  MoFA  - Ambassador.

2011 (Mar)-2012    (Mar):   MoFA  - Director  of the Dep. for Africa  and Middle  East.

2012(Dec)-2013(Aug):     MoFA,   Ambassador     - Deputy  Director/Acting    Director   of the Department  for Analysis  and Foreign  Policy Planning.

2014  (from   March):     Ambassador     Extraordinary       and   Plenipotentiary       of  the
Republic   of Serbia   to the  FDR  of Ethiopia,   Addis  Ababa.

•   2014    (from    April):     Ambassador,       Permanent      Representative       of   the
Republic   of Serbia   to the  African   Union  HQ,  Addis  Ababa.

2016 (May):  Non  - Residential    Ambassador    to the  Republic   of Seychelles

* Special  courses:   National   Security   and  Intelligence   ( six months)


*  *  *

Born:   19th August  1952 in Belgrade,  Serbia
Nationality:    Serbian
Education:  Faculty  of Economy  (Bachelor  degree, Master  Equivalent), University  of Zagreb
Marital   status:   wife Anica  (Lawyer),  with a son and a daughter,  3 grand-daughters
Languages:   English  and Bulgarian